Sel et Sucre – France Inspired Pink Café

Sugar treats on blush, marble finish table tops

The Pink and Trendy Newest Windsor Café

Located in a listed, historic building on Church Street in Windsor, formerly Ye Olde King’s Head – the oldest inn in Windsor, Sel et Sucre is a stylish, new café. Selected for its core British feel, the building adds character to the French styled, modern, pink venue.

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Trend Analysis: Marble

John green

Marble Has Been Used and Famed for Centuries

Marble has been used as a statement making material for hundreds of years. The Romans used it in many ways – from creating stunning sculptures that decorate our museums all the way to roads, columns or interiors that we can still marvel at in places like Turkey or Italy. Read More…

Vanity Top the Easy Way

Bathroom marble vanity top in dark gloucester

A Guide for Bathroom Vanities Selection

When creating your bathroom, the selection of bathroom vanities can be a cumbersome task. You need to consider many factors to select the top that most suits both your design and your practical requirements. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you through that process.

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Tiles vs Bespoke Shower Panels

tiles vs panels picture

Tiles vs Panels: an In Depth Look at Your Choices

The choice between tiles and bathroom wall panels is not simple. The range of styles shapes and colours available can make the decision cumbersome to say the least. Here is a guide evaluating the pluses and minuses of both solutions, so you can concentrate on creating that ideal bathroom look. Read More…