Bar top with pronounced drop edge in copper stratos metallic marble

Stylish Hotel Bar Re-design

The Sir Thomas Hotel is located in a breath-taking 19th century building at the heart of Liverpool. It has long been a destination for tourists and locals alike, with its interesting, classy design and welcoming rooms.

Recently, in an effort to modernise the hotel, its brasserie and bar had seen a major makeover. It has been re-designed to emulate the true spirit of the hotel – with its class and style – while looking forward into the future of the establishment with its colour scheme and modern feel.

Bar top with pronounced drop edge in copper stratos metallic marble

Working Closely with the Owners

In the past the designers overlooking the project – Wroot Design – have worked on multiple projects with the owners of the hotel. It allowed them to better understand the needs and requirements of one another, as well as collaboratively discuss the brief and find the best solutions. They have integrated the rich heritage into a modern design that will serve the hotel’s clients for years to come.

Fiona Wroot, Director at Wroot Design, commented on the project:

“The Sir Thomas bar, restaurant and reception hadn’t been refurbished for about 14 years so they needed bringing up to date and given a whole new identity. That is what we were tasked with doing. In terms of a brief the client wanted something fresher, more modern and up to date that was flexible for the many varied events they host at the restaurant and bar.”

The New Design

The design introduces the new metallic marble finish from Versital on the columns, bar and elements of the back bar. The marble finish is a nod towards the classy and traditional style of the hotel, while the subtle metallic veining goes well with the greenery and contemporary design.

The overall effect uplifts the place and makes it more open and welcoming. Wroot design placed strong emphasis on the lighting, and have used it to make the space more current and inviting during the day, while at the evening it can be turned cosy and intimate. The perfect solution for a busy hotel.

The Sir Thomas metallic marble copper bar with sitting

Again, Fiona Wroot commented:

“It’s a lot lighter and brighter. Essentially, before it was a lot more like a gentleman’s club with dark leather couches and carpets. That’s all gone and it’s now a place that’s light and bright during day but can transition easily into an intimate and cosy space at night. It’s now a very comfortable place to sit in, no matter what time of the day.”

The Versital’s Copper Stratos metallic marble finish has been used by the designers not only due to its incredible stain and water resisting properties, but also for its striking beauty and intriguing finish. Combined with the elements of soft wood and greenery creates an alluring, but subtle modern look.

The Sir Thomas bar picture

Gemma Stockberger from Versital Commented:

“At Versital UK, we offer a completely unique product – being the most true to life marble you will find on the market, whilst also being totally waterproof and stain resistant. We take great pride in the manufacture of each item, paying attention to the smallest detail.”
“Our customer service is second to none and our aim is to provide our clients with a stress free, simple buying process which ensures repeat business.”

The entire project maintained the overall look of the historic building while breathing new life into its interiors. After the re-design the place received an incredible amount of great customer reviews, proving that the final result is as pleasing as the designers intended.


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