Public washroom with grey tiled floor and marble grey vanity tops with wsahbasinNEW! Lightweight Solid Surface – Versital Prolite!

Solid surface products from Versital are now available as a lightweight option – Versital Prolite.

Lightweight solid surface is a preferable option for ease of transportation and installation for many commercial installation projects. It is especially popular for holiday homes and boat refit’s due to its’ lightweight properties. It can also be a better option to save on transport costs when purchasing bulky items such as shower trays and recessed hand wash basins.

Versital Prolite lightweight solid surfaces are up to 50% lighter than other solid surface materials.

Lighter material with no loss of strength.

Huge colour range available – Marbles, Reflect and RAL. 

No extra charge for Versital Prolite. Same great products at the same great price.


Recessed hand wsah basin in bright lime green with tap holes.

Versital Prolite is available in the full range of solid surface products that Versital offer. For installations such as public washrooms and recessed hand wash basins there are lots of benefits to having a lightweight solid surface option such as ease if installation and transportation.

To find out more about the Versital Prolite product range and for a quotation please contact Versital direct on 01204380780.