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Marble Has Been Used and Famed for Centuries

Marble has been used as a statement making material for hundreds of years. The Romans used it in many ways – from creating stunning sculptures that decorate our museums all the way to roads, columns or interiors that we can still marvel at in places like Turkey or Italy.

The marble trend has been growing for quite some time and right now the market sees the peak of its popularity with many designers opting for it in their creations.

The Marble Renaissance

Marble is being rediscovered by both designers and homemakers and used in many unconventional ways. It has found its way not only into the standard areas, like the kitchen and bathroom but also into bedrooms and living rooms. Where it can add a modern or traditional feel depending of its colours and patterns. The marble trend seems to be exponentially growing as more and more venues and homes turn to the material for an inspiring and durable surface. marble walls and tray

Natural Properties

The marble trend arose alongside the sustainability and ecology trends of recent years. Marble compliments both very well and as a magnificent, natural stone it is the main go to when it comes to creation of luxury interiors. Due to its properties and beauty marble is highly coveted for uses on worktops, table tops and vanity tops.

marble wall panels

As a natural material it also has downfalls as its surface is porous and absorbs water. Marble has to be regularly sealed and carefully cleaned in order for it to remain looking good. Over time marble will inherently watermark and stain, which is the main problem for many restaurateurs. Its surface can collect dirt from the environment, especially in high trafficked areas like worktops or vanity tops. It can leave it looking off-coloured and unappealing. marble bath

Marble Alternative from Versital

Versital is committed to providing its customers with true to life, natural looking faux marble that does not carry the downsides of the natural material. A fully hand-made product is created individually for every customer, providing them with sleek finish that is fully non-porous and therefore does not stain and watermark like the natural counterpart. At Versital we strive to provide you with surfaces that follow the marble trend, and for that reason our specialists have developed over 100 colours that you can chose from. marble wall

Marble Trend Classic – Marble Bathroom

The Marble bathroom is an all-time classic that never fades. Recently it has been really picking up the momentum while designers bring creativity and innovation that allows for its application in many homes and venues. Today marble bathrooms are opulent and welcoming – they are the pinnacle of style and designed right can be a real gem in your house.

Arabesque and Gloucester Marble finish Bathroom

Marble can be used in conjunction with many styles, for example: in an industrial style bathroom it can bring a touch of nature through a vanity top or a feature wall. Selecting a stone with a more pronounced vein also allows for creating an interesting, attention grabbing ambience. Combined with brushed black aluminium it produces a modern and interesting interior.  

marble wall panels over a bath

Marble can also be the main element used on floors and walls. When using marble in excess its good to keep all the other features like taps sinks and baths in the same colour to bring balance to the heavy patterned stone. Our specialists working with many hospitality and domestic clients found that the marble trend is attracting people due to the variety of options available to them. Colour and pattern options are almost limitless allowing people to draw from that amazing trend.

Coffee and Cream Bathroom Wall Panels and Vanity Top

Many people turn to marble or marble alternatives to add a classic design feature that will last over time. The designers that we worked with often use marble in conjunction with metals like gold, silver or copper depending on the colours of the stone. 


Marble Table Tops

Marble table top can add a touch of luxury and opulence to any room. Combine the subtle veining of grey marble with soft wood or metal. Complimenting or contrasting, marble can really add interest to any interior. Remember to chose a stone that blends well with the design of your room in order to bring unity to your idea.

Arabesque Marble Table Top

When using marble for a table top that will undergo heavy usage like a dining or restaurant table consider replacing real marble with Versital. Properties of Versital table tops ensure that unlike real marble they will not water mark or stain over time. 

Gold startos marble table top

Trend in Hospitality – Marble

Restaurants and Bars always follow the big and influential interior design trends. They concentrate their efforts only on the important movements to provide their customers with an incredible and current experience. Recently many major venues saw resurgence of marble, clearly indicating the influence of the marble trend.  

Round arabesque marble table tops with a drop edge detail in a restaurant

Many restaurateurs find natural marble hard to maintain. The heavy usage that it has to undergo table and bar tops means that after a short period of time it can start collecting dirt. For that reason many owners and designers opt for a marble alternative from Versital. Due to its protective gel coat Versital is guaranteed to withstand even the toughest stains like beetroot or wine. It is also true to life and comes in over 50 marble finishes, catering for the wide array of tastes.

Amoro restaurant Marble Bar Top in Arabesque

Marble Walls Extending into New Rooms

Previously seen just in bathrooms or kitchens, marble walls have moved into bedrooms and living rooms. Due to the unique patterns, marble walls can be used almost like art pieces, adding an interesting touch to the space. Introducing one to a clean and simplistic bedroom can make the room really stand out, while in the living room it can create a great design addition and a conversation starting point.

marble living room walls

Marble Flooring

Marble floors come in two varieties they can be highly polished or matt. Highly polished marble is easier to maintain as it does not stain as easily. Many designers choose darker marble with light veins for that purpose. It can create a contrast much needed in the world of interior design, whilst its patterned beauty highlight the room making it appear more spacious and open. marble flooring

Enter the Marble Trend Through Marble Accessories

Many stores offer items like clocks, candles or lamps created with the stone. The accessories can bring an interesting touch to almost any interior style. Begin your marble journey this way, if you don’t want the commitment of a whole wall or an entire bathroom. That way you can asses if the stone suits your home and if you are willing to invest more into it. marble wall clock

Pair It with Metals or Bright Colours

Marble comes in an incredible variety of colours and patterns and no two pieces are the same. Its earthy appeal is apparent, while the patterned surface creates a real visual feast. Add some bold colours or metallic accents to break it up and make it more modern. Colours that works really well with marble include indigo, gold or copper. kitchen

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Most of the above looks can be replicated using Versital for a water and stain proof finish. If you would like advice, samples or wish to place an order for a vanity topswall panels, shower trays, table tops or floors please call us on 01204380780, or email us at